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Best Peking Duck in Beijing


Finding the Best Peking Duck Restaurant in Beijing is a big task! If you didn’t know already, Peking Duck might be the most famous Chinese dish ever. It is a soft pancake filled with succulent pieces of roasted duck accompanied by crispy cucumbers, spring onions and sweet sauce, what is not to love? But where do you go to find the best Peking Duck in Beijing? J Lou does the hard work and visits five different Peking Duck restaurants to check out what makes each of them so different.

We visit Liqun, a small restaurant hidden away in a Hutong specialising in fried duck bones. Made in China, nestled inside the Grand Hyatt Hotel featuring a grand open kitchen. Jingzun, cooking up some of the most affordable Peking duck in the city. Siji Minfu, situated right next to the Forbidden City that puts a spin on traditional duck condiments. And finally Da Dong Roasted Duck, home of the duck master where we feast on Da Dong’s speciality – black caviar and crispy duck skin.


The video was published on the ANYDOKO and Cathay Pacific channels. It received over 500,000 organic views.

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Finding the Best Peking Duck
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